System Professional Colour Save Mask


Intensive nourishment that protects and maintains long-lasting freshness for colour treated hair.

Hair Care Benefits:
• Maintains colour, manageability, and shine
• Nourishes and moisturises hair
• Protects keratin structure by reducing free-radicals in water
• Prevents colour shifting

Formulation Highlights:
• Colour-safe
• UV filter

Target Group
For clients with coloured hair and increased care need. Suitable for or all hair colours, highlights and bleached hair. The mask is the ideal weekly intense treatment for clients who take their time to care for their colour.

In-Salon Application
After shampooing with System Professional Shampoo, use 25g of the colour save mask and apply with a brush directly on the hair, avoiding the scalp. Gently massage with one of the System Professional massage techniques and leave for 5 minutes. The Climazon or HairSpa can intensify care effect and enhance client comfort. If used with infusions, mix thoroughly and apply on the hair. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

Available Size: 200ml