Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir by System Professional

Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir by System Professional

If you experience unmanageable, frizzy or dry hair and are looking for a solution, Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir by System Professional is the product for you. It is suitable for all hair types and should most definitely be on your shelf. In short, it relaxes, hydrates, and repairs the hair without weighing it down. These are some of the very reasons it is so popular. Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir by System Professional has always been one of our fastest selling products and there is a whole host of reasons as to why it is so popular.

Full Of Nourishing Ingredients

Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir contains a trio of luxury oils from around the world that makes this product a liquid luxury.

Argan Oil: Known as ‘liquid gold’ and famous for its nourishing and cosmetic qualities. The powerful antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids in Argan Oil help keep your hair moisturised and protected against styling damage and damaged caused by free radicals. This can result in less breakage and shedding of your hair.

Almond Oil: Known for its superior hydrating power and lightweight properties. This nourishing oil can soften and strengthen your hair. It is rich in vitamin B7 (Biotin) and helps to keep hair healthy and strong.

Jojoba Oil: Is renowned for its cosmetic value and particularly suitable for fragile and dry ends. Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair including vitamin C,B and E, copper and zinc. Because it strengthens the hair, it is also thought that jojoba oil can reduce breakage and promote hair thickness.

How it works

Luxe Oils Reconstructive Elixir infuses into the hair structure to transform hair from the inside out- with immediate results. It is a lightweight oil suitable for all hair types, that protects the keratin in the hair, preventing it from drying out leaving it instantly soft and gives additional shine to the hair.

The many ways you can use it

The Elixir can be used in many ways for maximum effect

As a leave in treatment: First, shampoo and condition the hair as normal, then pat dry with your towel (no rubbing!) Apply 1-2 pumps (depending on hair type) and work through mid-lengths and ends, no need to rinse.

The oil will help relax the hair and make combing it much easier, helping to avoid breakage from brushing. It helps eliminate frizz and will give shine and a soft touch to the hair. It will also shield the hair from any mechanical stress (ie. blow drying)

As a conditioning treatment: First shampoo the hair, pat dry….then mix 4-6 pumps of your oil to your chosen System Professional mask and mix well. Divide the hair into 4 sections and apply your treatment throughout each section massaging it through. Leave for 10 minutes and then rinse well.

The oil adds a reconstructive component to any of the System Professional masks for a luxurious hair feel. It will intensify any mask by adding its many benefits to a treatment and leave your hair feeling and smelling AMAZING.

As a finish: After styling your hair you can also apply a small drop of Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir to your mid-lengths and ends. It will add shine and definition to the finished result, and also provide UV protection for a gorgeous reflective finish.

Now after all that, I am sure you can understand why Luxe Oils reconstructive Elixir is always one of our top selling products. It is a ‘must-have’ for anyone interested in giving their hair some much needed TLC. This product should most definitely be on your shelf.