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A wave of your Magic Hairbrush will bring you a step closer to beautiful hair

When you find something that’s really good, you can’t keep that to yourself, you have to share it. That is exactly how I felt about The Magic Hairbrush.

I knew I was onto a good thing when I first brought it home for my daughter to try. Keeping in mind I only ever had to produce a hairbrush and she would instantly start complaining before the brush even touched her head!! A sensitive scalp and extremely knotty hair is never going to make the task of brushing easy. That was until I tried The Magic Hairbrush. Now there are no tears and no complaints when it comes to the morning ritual. So if a hairbrush can achieve that for my daughter’s hair, what can it do for you I hear you ask?!

Well, plenty is the answer to that question. Often people don’t realise that your hair can be up to 10 times more sensitive to damage when wet. A small bit about the science….the hair is made up of protein (keratin) bonds that form each strand. When wet, they break down into weaker hydrogen bonds making the hair more susceptible to damage from rubbing, pulling, stretching and bending. If you also happen to have a lot of colour (chemical stress) or use a lot of heat agents (mechanical stress) on your hair then it’s needless to say, that coupled with brushing the hair too roughly when wet, you can cause considerable damage to your hair.

Before I begin to explain the benefits of The Magic Hairbrush, let me first go through a few steps you can take to minimise the damage caused and help ensure your hair stays as healthy and as strong as possible. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want fabulous hair??

Firstly, using great home care is a must. Again stress or damage is routinely caused by over colouring and heat agents, not to mention the impact of the natural elements on our hair. Giving it some much needed TLC by using the correct home care products will make the world of difference.

A lightweight detangling spray for those particularly knotty hair days is always a good staple product to have

For me heat protector is a must, if you blow-dry, use a straightener or curl your hair, then this is a must on the bathroom shelf (I’ll list some great ones we have in stock below)

Towel drying your hair after washing, PAT PAT PAT PAT PAT, please for the love of god, NO RUBBING. Rubbing creates friction and will cause cuticle damage and frizz, now who needs that, NO ONE! Using a microfiber turbin towel, wrap the hair up loosely and leave for a few minutes (at least 5-10) to allow the towel to absorb the excess moisture. When taking the towel off you can PAT the hair, apply your detangler spray and heat protector before brushing.

Now you will understand the importance of a good hairbrush, a MAGIC HAIRBRUSH! Remembering your hair is more sensitive to damage when wet, you need to start brushing from the bottom to the top to avoid bunching those knots and putting unnecessary stress on the hair.

With the technology of the magic hairbrush, it’s flexible head and super soft bristles mean it glides through any tangles and knots easily, without pulling or causing stress to the hair, resulting in a lot less damage.

It’s super lightweight and its open vented design allows the hair to flow through the brush making it suitable for use on both wet and dry hair.
It is ideal for anyone with a sensitive head, again the soft bristles and flexible head means it’s unable to scrape at the scalp or pull on the root, making for a much more comfortable experience when brushing.

An added bonus and nothing to do with the hair, it comes in a selection of colours with a beautiful leather style protective case, what’s not to love?

This brush sells itself, from the minute it hits our shelves, it’s gone again. It retails at €22.50 and is available in our store or place you order here and we will deliver direct to your door.

A few simple steps can make a world of difference to your hair. Great home care products, an excellent heat protector, PATTING your hair dry and a Magic Hairbrush will send you well on your way to more good hair days.

Speak to your stylist about any issues you have with your hair. Is it dry, limp, dull or weak? They will be the best person to recommend the correct formula of products best suited for your hair type.

Magic Hair Brush Blue
Magic Hair Brush Blue

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